Dr. Praeger’s Fish Taco Bites

I was recently invited to be a part of a group of brand-influencers called the My Magazine Sharing Network.  My Magazine is a magazine put out by the Kroger company.  You create an account at https://mymagazinesharing.socialmedialink.com and from there you are assigned “missions” which you can choose to accept or not.  The missions usually involve them sending you a product to try or coupons to purchase a product at Kroger to try–as well as coupons to pass along to your friends and family.  Once you try the product you generally link to social media and post pictures and reviews which earns you points.  The more points you get the more likely you are to be selected for future mission.

I love free stuff so I figured why not?

Dr. Praeger's Fish Taco Bites
Dr. Praeger’s Fish Taco Bites

My first mission was “Diving into Dr. Praeger’s Seafood.”  MyMagazine Sharing Network sent me a box that had a mission description card, a Dr. Praeger’s elastic, a Dr. Praeger’s sticker, a coupon for a free Dr. Praeger’s product (the product I chose was $5.29 at Kroger) and several $1 off “pass-along” coupons to give to my friends and family so they can also try Dr. Praeger’s.

Dr. Praeger’s recently came out with a line of seafood products so my free coupon gave me the choice of Seafood Burgers, Fish Taco Bites or Lightly Breaded Fishies.  The first time I went to Kroger to look for it they didn’t have any–I think the product was just too new.  The next week I went and they had a few products to choose from.  I chose the Fish Taco bites because they remind me of chicken nuggets–a very kid-friendly food.  Since I have a one year old I wanted to give him something easy to pick up and also fairly healthy.  My husband and I are dieting so this was also a fairly healthy choice.


The preparation couldn’t have been any easier.  I simply popped the fish taco bites into the toaster oven, turned them over after ten minutes and then after 20 minutes of total cooking time they were finished.

So how were they?  Well the fish taco bites are breaded with tortilla chips and they have a little jalapeno in them as other southwest flavors.  Biting into them was pleasant–they had a good crunch to them.  Upon biting into them I found that the fish inside was ground up and mixed with other ingredients.  I don’t know why but I expected these to be solid hunks of fish that were breaded.  The inside actually has a texture more consistent with a crab cake.

I found the flavor itself to be good, not too spicy but also not boring. The texture for me was just so-so. Because of the “crab cake” consistency I found it to be a little mushy. Overall though I would say they were good. My baby had a few bites but didn’t seem to care for them. To be fair, he’s going through a phase where he only wants to eat goldfish and mac ‘n cheese.

So would I eat them again and recommend them to others?  Maybe.  The Fish Taco Bites for me seemed more like a snack food than an actual meal–but would probably make a good meal for a kid who likes fish sticks.  I think I would like to try the seafood burgers or the Fishies if they have them in stock before I would buy these again.

This was a fun “mission” and I am looking forward to completing upcoming missions and sharing them with all of you.

Have you tried any Dr. Praeger’s products?  Let me know what you think.

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Petit Vour Subscription Box Review April 2016

Disclosure: I purchased this box with my own money and was not paid to review this box.  However, if you purchase this subscription box using a link from this site, I will receive in-store credit to Petit Vour.  All opinions are my own.


I love makeup and beauty products and am slowly making the transition to cruelty-free.  For me, cruelty-free is becoming a passion, but it is a constant challenge for me to discern when companies truly do or don’t test on animals.  I happened upon Petit Vour’s subscription box when I was reading reviews on all of the beauty boxes out there.  Petit Vour is a site which provides luxury vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty products.  Petit Vour offers a monthly subscription box costing $15 USD (or $23 in Canada) which boasts over $35 worth of products in each box.

Each box contains a card detailing what’s included, how to use the products, and how much the products are worth.




The theme for this month was “Pretty Fantastique” but I only wish the box was just as fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, I got valuable stuff, it just wasn’t my favorite box.

Full Size Eye Shadow!
Full Size Eye Shadow!

100% PURE Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow:  This was this month’s full-size product and is valued at $25.  The color I received was “Bahama” and it arrived just in time for my cruise to the Bahamas!  What cool timing!  This is a nice cream eyeshadow made with fruit pigments.  What I liked about it was the nice neutral color and the summery shimmer.  I applied the shadow with my finger which kinda got to be a mess since it would often get under my nails when I dipped them in the pot.  It went on smoothly but when it came to lasting power, I was let down.  Like all other cream eye shadows I have encountered, it starts to settle into the eye creases within an hour and looks clumpy so I am not too happy with that.  I don’t recommend using this as an all over eyelid color due to the clumping factor.  I think this eyeshadow would work great as a nice highlight for underneath the eyebrow, though and I will definitely keep using this to that end.

Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm
Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

URSA MAJOR Fortifying Face Balm:  This was a nice sample-size face lotion (valued at $9.50, full-size is $36) so it was ideal for taking on vacation.  A little of this goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.  It is a pretty thin lotion which is good because it feels breathable and didn’t clog my pores.  Unfortunately it smelled almost identical to my Suki Transformative Mask from last month which I did not like at all.  I will use the rest of this sample but will not likely repurchase.


KUMARI River Bath and Body Oil:  This is a .5 fl oz “sample” of this oil, but I think the size is great and will last a really long time.  It has a little dropper and you can use a few drops in your bath or apply to your skin after a shower when your skin is still moist.  This is a blend of lavender, mint and chamomile, so it is a very relaxing scent, great for applying before bedtime.  I don’t really take baths because my tub stopper is broken and I don’t use much in the way of oil, so I probably won’t get much use out of this, even though I like it.  I do have an aromatherapy diffuser…I wonder if I could use this in there?  I think I may have to try that out.


JUARA Hand & Nail Balm:  This is a .27 oz sample size worth $2.50, the full-size is $25.  I really liked this hand cream.  I often have dry hands due to my job and this provided a great boost of hydration without a greasy feeling.  It smelled just like coconut which got me in the mood for my vacation and made me excited to go to the beach.  I may have to buy a full bottle of this when the winter rolls around and my hands start to dry out again.  I think this would be great in the winter because it could be a constant reminder of sunny weather!

Overall this month’s box was valued at $45.50–what a great value considering I only spent $15.  I liked a lot of the products but wasn’t blown away by any one thing.  I am at least glad that I will use these products and they won’t end up in the trash.

Interested in a Petit Vour box of your own?  Click here!

My first LE TOTE was Le Awesome

Disclaimer: I pay for this subscription myself, all opinions are my own.

April 2016 Le Tote

I am by no means a fashionable person and therefore clothes shopping is very much a chore for me that I avoid like the plague.  Recently I was introduced to subscription clothing services where a stylist picks clothes for you and ships them to you, then you try the clothes on and buy what you want to keep.  Well, I’m not one for spending a bunch of money on clothes but while I was researching these subscription services, I found a clothing rental subscription called Le Tote and I decided to give it a try.  This review focuses on my first month of Le Tote.  To learn more about Le Tote and the subscription process check out my information blog post–What is Le Tote and How Does it Work?


The Basics:

For $59/month you are sent three clothing items and two accessories at a time.  Le Tote provides free two-day shipping both ways.  You can wear the clothes that they send you for as long or as little as you want.  Once you’re done wearing the clothes you just send them back in a prepaid mailer sack.  Once Le Tote has received your returned items they will immediately process a new tote to send out.  You can receive and return totes as many times as you want throughout the month for no additional charge.  Le Tote also gives you the option to buy the clothing if you love it–you get it for a discount price.  Please keep in mind that all of the clothes in this review were selected for me based upon a style profile I filled out on Le Tote’s site, anything you receive in your tote will be geared towards your preferences.

Tote #1

I’m a pretty casual girl throughout the work week–I wear scrubs to work so I don’t need cute work clothes.  I do like some nicer casual clothes and sometimes dresses to wear on the weekends and for dates with my husband.  In my first tote I received a denim jacket, two tops and two sets of earrings.

Blue Pattern ShirtThe first top I received was by Summer & Sage (retail$58, Le Tote Price $44).

I really liked the color of this shirt–it’s a navy blue color with a satiny polyester front and a jersey back.  This top looked really nice on its own but would look even better under a jacket due to the width of the sleeves.  The sizing was perfect and I definitely enjoyed wearing this top.

cream shirt
The second top I received was by Noir (retails $68, LT price $39).  Like the top above, this had a jersey knit back but this one had a cute lace overlay in the front with the lace looking a lot like clam shells.  I really liked the neutral cream color, the fit was perfect and the effect was slimming.  I wore this shirt a few times, once on its own and once with the jacket below.


I really love the way denim jackets look so I was excited to receive this Kut From the Kloth jacket (retails $79, LT Price $60) Though I love the way denim jackets look I always have a hard time deciding what kind of pants to wear with them! The dark fabric of this jacket I think would have looked good with many varieties of colors but I had a hard time making it work with my current selection of pants in my wardrobe. The jacket fit great but it was a little stiff to move in. It also smelled pretty funky, kinda like a warehouse. I’m not sure if that’s the dry cleaning LT uses or if the jacket had indeed been sitting in a warehouse for a while.


white earrings teal earrings

The accessories I received this time were both earrings.  At first I was a little hesitant wearing earrings that someone else has worn before but they are supposedly disinfected by Le Tote before they are sent out.  All-in-all I was pretty happy to receive a few pairs of earrings because that’s the accessory I wear the most.

The cream-colored earrings were by French Connection (retail $24, LT price $19).  I enjoyed the simplicity of these earrings and their versatility due to the neutral color.  I wasn’t thrilled with the earrings themselves just because the stones seemed pretty oddly shaped, they were not symmetrical and had some sharp edges.

The aqua earrings were by Noir Luxe (retail $24, LT price $16).  These were pretty big earrings but were not overly heavy so I happily wore them.  They looked great with the cream top above because they really added a pop of color to that neutral shirt.

Overall I felt like the first tote was pretty successful–I was willing to wear everything the tote included!  I decided not to purchase any of the items I received in this tote so I packed it up and shipped it back.

Tote #2

Unfortunately, I returned my first tote on a Monday and it took until the following Monday to receive my next tote, despite the two-day shipping each way!  What I learned is that once USPS scans the returning package, Le Tote begins to process a new tote which they send you a preview of.  You have 48 hours to either approve the tote or to switch out articles of  clothing if you choose to.  I think that’s pretty neat that you’re able to swap out stuff that maybe just isn’t your style or might not work for the weather you may be having in your city.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I had to click “finalize tote” when I selected my new clothes so it waited the full 48 hours to ship.  I won’t make that mistake again!

The first item I received was a drape cardigan by Max Studio (retail $98 eek!!, LT price $74). I will first say that the garment was of quality construction but I would never spend that much money on a cardigan. This cardigan was selected for me by Le Tote but unfortunately it really didn’t work for me. It was very long in the front (which I know is the style) and had weird draping. The length of the cardigan really didn’t work for my body-type as I am very short and have a small frame. This cardigan swallowed me whole! I definitely did not wear this out in public, but I did wear it around the house because it was cold inside and the sweater was cozy.

The second item I received was one that I requested to have put in my tote which was this periwinkle sweater with a diamond pattern. I regretted most of the items that I personally chose for my tote for the sheer fact that I chose all sweaters and the week I received the tote it ended up being so warm outside that I really didn’t wear my sweaters for long! This sweater was by LA Made (retail $58, LT price $46) and I did really love the fit of this sweater and even wore it for a family portrait, so I’m hoping it photographs well!

greysweater The last clothing item I received in this tote was this grey pullover sweater by Summer & Sage (retail $72, LT price $58).  I really liked the textured dots on it and I know you can’t see it in this picture but it had zippers on the sides which was a cute detail.  This sweater layered well over a tank top without adding bulk and overall I felt like it was very flattering.

I received two accessories with this tote, a blue plaid scarf and some simple silver studs.  The plaid scarf by AVA (retail $38, LT price $30) was very large but when folded it compacted nicely.  I’m going through a Scottish phase right now–so anything plaid I am obsessed with.  Unfortunately since it was so warm the week I had this tote, I was unable to wear the scarf!


As for the earrings by Octavia & Co. (retail $14, LT price $9) I was able to wear these to work since they were so simple.  I rarely wear earrings to work so it was nice to be able to have something simple and cute to wear.  The metal was a little faded in appearance and it was hard for me to tell if that was from excessive use or if the earrings were supposed to have an antique look.

Overall the second tote was really great in style but it wasn’t my most successful tote due to the weather!


Tote #3

Once I figured out the trick of “finalizing my tote” the process of receiving my tote was much faster.  I returned tote #2 on a Monday and received my third and final tote for the month on a Friday, just in time for the weekend.  This time I ended up exchanging a lot of the clothes that were initially picked for me since I paid attention to what the weather was going to be like that week.  Also, I added a pair of jeans to my tote (they originally picked all sweaters and tops for me) because I was really wanting to try some of Le Tote’s bottoms and see how well the sizing would work.

The jeans I received were Levi’s (retail $54, LT price $44) and in the tote they even came with a tip booklet on how to cuff jeans.  These jeans really seemed brand new, like no one had worn them before me.  I loved the dark color and the fit was perfect.  There was some stretch to the jeans but not so much that by the end of the evening they would lose their shape.  I ended up liking these jeans so much that I ended up buying them–I was desperately in need of some new jeans!

The first top I received was by French Connection (retail $48, LT price $38) and was a simple loose-fitting pocket tshirt made of polyester.  It was very breathable and the pink color was vibrant.  My husband thought this top was really cute and I had to agree.  I didn’t end up keeping it though, but it was nice to wear for a day!

The second clothing item I received was a polyester shirt by Noir (retail $60, LT Price $48).  It looks black in pictures but it’s really a navy blue color with a geometric print.  I was very pleased with this top as it fit nicely and it was much cuter in person than on Le Tote’s website and indeed in my own picture.

I also chose to receive an open pave ring by Camilla (retail $24, LT price $18).  The ring had two clovers–one rhinestone and one black.  I was able to squeeze this ring together to fit my slender fingers.  I thought it was a pretty unique ring and it could definitely work with several different outfits.  I feel like $18 for a simple ring is a little too pricey though.

The final item I received in this tote was the only item I was disappointed with. It was a pair of earrings with feathers in clusters by Clement (retail $20, LT price $16).  I initially really liked the earrings because they were pretty unique but when I went to take the earrings off to grab a picture, I noticed that one of them was falling apart.  I flipped the earrings over to look at the back (pictured here) and it appears that someone has previously tried to repair these earrings…it almost looks like they tried to solder it back together.  I’m not sure if it was someone who was previously renting these earrings that tried to repair them or if it was Le Tote trying to repair them.  Either way I was pretty unhappy with it–you would think if something was in questionable condition that Le Tote would not keep it in circulation.  I promptly emailed Le Tote to tell them of the problem, just in case they tried to blame me for the broken earrings.  I never heard back from them!

All in all, I really loved my first month of Le Tote.  For $59 I received four shirts, three sweaters, a jacket, a ring, a scarf, and four pairs of earrings–and I didn’t have to launder any of them!!  The process of sending and receiving totes was super easy and fairly quick once I figured out how to do it correctly.  I am already looking forward to my second month of totes.

Are you interested in trying Le Tote yourself?  I have two free totes to give away or you can sign up here.  Have any of you all tried Le Tote?  How do you think it compares to services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What is Le Tote and How Does it Work?

Discolsure: I pay for this subscription myself and all opinions are my own.   

By now many of you have likely heard of subscription services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.  I was interested in doing a subscription clothing service but I don’t like paying a whole lot of money to buy clothes so I was hesitant.  Then I heard about this service called LE TOTE which is a monthly clothing rental service.  So you get the benefit of having a constantly revolving wardrobe without making any major purchasesSCORE!

Screen shot 2016-04-21 at 7.21.54 PM


The cost per month is $59 (or if you choose the maternity option it’s $69/month) which includes two day shipping both ways.  In each tote you will receive three clothing items and two accessories.  Wear the clothes and accessories as much as you like and when you’re finished don’t even bother washing it–just shove it in the prepaid mailer and put it in your mailbox.  Once Le Tote has received your old box of clothes they’ll send you out a new one immediately.  You can receive and return boxes as many times you want in a month (time allowing) and it’s all included in that same $59 fee.

Screen shot 2016-04-21 at 7.23.39 PM

Getting signed up is easy.  First you will take a survey that will give Le Tote’s stylists a feel for your basic style and clothing sizes.  The survey will also ask things like what colors, prints, jewelry types and clothing types never to send you.  For example; my wrists are tiny so I asked to never receive bracelets.  Never fear–if your tastes and size change over time, you’re always able to update your style profile.  After you’re signed up you can also browse all of Le Tote’s clothing and “heart” items that you want to add to your closet.  The stylists will oftentimes pull clothes from your closet or choose similar items.

Screen shot 2016-04-21 at 7.24.09 PM


Once you receive your tote and try everything on you can get online and rate how well you liked the items and if they fit or not.  You can even attach pictures of how you look in your clothes and this will further give the stylists an idea of what to include (or not to include) in your next totes.

Screen shot 2016-04-21 at 7.43.51 PM

You’re probably wondering if you have any control over what they send you with each tote, and the answer is YES.  Before they send you out a new tote you are able to preview what they’re sending you and swap anything out that you don’t want.  This feature comes in really handy especially between seasons when it’s likely hard for the stylists to decide whether to send you warm weather or cold weather clothing.  But…it does take some of the fun out of getting a surprise tote!

So say you find something in your tote you can’t bear to part with–you buy it.  Le Tote offers their members a discounted price on the clothes in the tote and if you end up buying all five items in your tote, you get a month for free!  To purchase the item, simply don’t return it with the rest of your tote and your card will be charged.

What’s nice about Le Tote is that you’re able to put your subscription on hold for a week or even a month at a time without being charged.  You’re also able to cancel at any time without being charged a fee, but you’ll have to make a phone call to cancel.

Has anyone else tried Le Tote or any other clothing subscription service?  I’ve got two free totes to give away so if you’re interested, reply below!

Petit Vour Subscription Box Review March 2016

Disclosure: I purchased this box with my own money and was not paid to review this box.  However, if you purchase this subscription box using a link from this site, I will receive in-store credit to Petit Vour.  All opinions are my own.


March 2016 Box!

I love makeup and beauty products and am slowly making the transition to cruelty-free.  For me, cruelty-free is becoming a passion, but it is a constant challenge for me to discern when companies truly do or don’t test on animals.  I happened upon Petit Vour’s subscription box when I was reading reviews on all of the beauty boxes out there.  Petit Vour is a site which provides luxury vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty products.  Petit Vour offers a monthly subscription box costing $15 USD (or $23 in Canada) which boasts over $35 worth of products in each box.

frontcard backcard

Each box contains a card detailing what’s included, how to use the products, and how much the products are worth.

The theme for this month is “Fresh Start” and the box includes Lauren B. Beauty Dual Top/Base Coat Polish, Suki Transformative Purifying Masque, Little Barn Apothecary Geranium + White Tea Beauty Mist, and Yarok Feed Your Moisture Shampoo.


LAUREN B. BEAUTY Dual Top/Base Coat: This is a full-size finger nail polish valued at $22–so we’ve already received more than the cost of the box with this one item!  Lauren B’s nail polish is 5-free (meaning it doesn’t contain camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or toluene) and claims to be fast drying.  This polish can be used as a base coat or a top coat and is supposed to strengthen nails and extend the life of your manicure.

nailsI rarely wear nail polish on my fingers as I have a very hands-on job which also requires a lot of hand washing.  I always chip my nails within a day of having them painted–unless I get a shellac manicure.  I decided to try the polish out using one of my drug store brand nail polishes for color.  I did the Lauren B as a base coat, two coats of color and then used the Lauren B again as a top coat.  I will say that “quick drying” wasn’t what I experienced as I had to let my nails dry for an hour before I felt like it was ok to touch something.  The most important thing to me is that the nail polish actually did last!  I was able to wear the polish for five to six days without a single chip and only experienced minor wear on the tips of my nails.  I definitely give the product a thumbs up and may even try some of Lauren B’s colored polish.


Suki Transformative Purifying Masque

SUKI Transformative Purifying Masque: This is a travel-size bottle of Suki’s purifying masque which the description card has valued at $17. I’m not sure where they got $17 because all that’s available on Petit Vour’s website is the full-size (1 oz.) which is valued at $49.  This is 1/4 of that size so I’ll say it’s worth $12.25.  You can use this masque on your whole face by letting it sit for 20 minutes or you can use it as a spot treatment by keeping it on overnight.  It comes in a convenient pump bottle so it’s easy to get the right amount out and not make a mess. The masque is very thin and i don’t love the way it smells–it smells very astringent–which I guess makes sense considering it’s supposed to help reduce acne.  I have used it both as a spot treatment overnight as well as a 20 minute masque.  I feel like it is helping to heal my acne more quickly without over-drying my skin.  Overall I feel like the product is good but doesn’t blow me away.

beautymistLITTLE BARN APOTHECARY Geranium + White Tea Beauty Mist: This beauty mist was formulated especially for Petit Vour by Little Barn Apothecary.  It is a 1 oz bottle that retails for $8.  I like to spray this on my face after a nice hot shower.  It helps to cool my skin down and reduces redness while also hydrating.  I absolutely love the way the combination of the geranium and white tea smell–it’s like a body spray for your face!  It is supposed to also help calm and soften the skin as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  I can’t speak to the effectiveness of its wrinkle reduction as I am currently using Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Serum for that purpose.


YAROK Feed your Moisture Shampoo:  This is a sample packet valued at $1 which I was only able to get one application out of.  A full bottle is 12 oz and retails for $38–pretty expensive for shampoo.  This had a very nice clean citrus scent to it.  It doesn’t lather very heavily (but I was informed that it’s actually not supposed to) so many people may think it’s not going to get the job done.  For me, I felt like my hair got very clean without drying it out and my hair stayed clean longer than it does with my normal hydrating shampoo.  I wish they had included more than one of these sample packets…but I’m not likely to spend $38 on a bottle of shampoo either way.


Overall this box was valued at $43.25 (by my calculations) and it gave me a chance to try out some really cool products that I wouldn’t have bought on my own.  Also keep in mind that all products you buy from Petit Vour (excluding the subscription box) are eligible for 20% back in in-store credit which is pretty great.

Interested in getting a Petit Vour box of your own?  Click here!

Petit Vour Subscription Box Review February 2016

Disclosure: I purchased this box with my own money and was not paid to review this box.  However, if you purchase this subscription box using a link from this site, I will receive a small commission.  All opinions are my own.

I love makeup and beauty products and am slowly making the transition to cruelty-free.  For me, cruelty-free is becoming a passion, but it is a constant challenge for me to discern when companies truly do or don’t test on animals.  I happened upon Petit Vour’s subscription box when I was reading reviews on all of the beauty boxes out there.  I learned that Petit Vour is a site which provides luxury vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty products.  Petit Vour offers a monthly subscription box costing $15 USD (or $23 in Canada) which boasts over $35 worth of products in each box.



Each box contains a card detailing what’s included, how to use the products and how much the products are worth.

February 2016 Subscription Box!!!

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Booster Serum

JUICE BEAUTY Stem Cellular Booster Serum: I would qualify this as a “travel size” product as it really is larger than a sample.  It is about .25 fl oz and is valued at $19.  The full-size is a one ounce bottle and is valued at $75.  The gel serum goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.  It is meant to plump skin (reduce wrinkles) and to even out the skin tone.  I have used it about five times and still have half a bottle left.  I think it’s too soon to tell whether it is working or not but I really like the way it feels and smells.  My forehead did end up breaking-out after I used this but I’m not sure if it was the serum’s fault or if it was hormone-related.  I’m pretty impressed with the value in this little bottle.




HAN SKIN CARE COSMETICS Eyeshadow: This is a full-size eyeshadow valued at $13.  The color I received was taupey plum–I don’t see any “plum” in but I do love the shimmery bronze color.  It is made with 100% natural rice powder and has anti-aging ingredients.  I love the way this eyeshadow looks and it is very smooth upon application.  For me it looked best in the eyelid crease, not as a base color.

CHRISTY ORGANICS “Trance” Natural Perfume: This is an oil-based perfume smelling of jasmine, bergamot, and ylang ylang. This is a 1ml sample valued at $5.25 and the 12 ml full-size is available for $65. My husband’s first impression when smelling it out of the bottle was that it smelled like rubber tires. I am happy to say that I gave it a chance despite his assessment and have fully enjoyed it. I tend toward fruitier perfumes (if I wear perfume at all) but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the floral scents in this perfume. I think it works really well with my body chemistry and the name of the perfume, “trance,” is quite accurate as I find the scent entrancing. This is a perfume I would consider purchasing in the future!




GRAYDON Hair Smoothie: This conditioner/detangler sample is valued at $2.50 and a full eight ounce bottle is $25.  It is meant as a conditioner for thin hair but can be left in for several minutes to achieve the same effect for thicker hair and is also supposed to stimulate hair growth.  The smoothie can also be used as a leave-in conditioner if applied just to the tips of hair.  I have used this smoothie several times and still have half a bottle left so it’s a great size and would be ideal to take on vacation.  It contains essential oils including parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  When I use this it smells like I’m cooking instead of showering–which I don’t love, but it’s growing on me.  The scent doesn’t stay in my hair once I’ve washed the conditioner out, so I’m able to tolerate it better.  My skin is typically sensitive to rosemary but this did not cause my scalp to itch or get a rash.  Though it’s not my favorite scent, I am still enjoying using it.


All-in-all the total value of this box was $39.75, not too shabby for only paying $15!  You can also go to Petit Vour’s website and rate all of the items in your box and you’ll accumulate store credit for just giving your feedback!  I was thrilled with my first Petit Vour subscription box and can hardly wait for March’s!  I feel like I’m really getting introduced to some neat stuff that I would never have considered buying for myself.

Get your Petit Vour Subscription here!

Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle

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Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle
Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle

My husband is obsessed with kitchen gadgets and it’s often a bone of contention in our household.  Though I don’t dislike the gadgets themselves, I get annoyed with how much counter and cabinet space they take up!  It is not often that I am willing to accept a new gadget into our household, but an electric griddle was one thing I didn’t mind getting.  I love making pancakes on the weekends but I don’t like how long it takes to cook a batch when only making one at a time.  Not to mention the fact that by the time the last pancake is done the earlier ones are cold.

When we found the Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle on sale at Target we decided to jump on it.  Since our purchase, we have made a variety of foods on it, from burgers, to pancakes, to bacon, and more.

The Basics

The Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle is constructed of plastic and stainless steel with a ceramic-coated non-stick cooking surface.  The cooking surface is 10X20 inches and includes a drip tray as well as a warming drawer beneath the cooktop.  There is a knob used to control the temperature of the surface.
Cost: Target has the griddle listed for $39.99 but we got ours on sale for $29.99 a few months ago.  Amazon has it listed for $29.92 (but they only have it in creme/black, not the stainless steel/black).

Cooking pancakes and bacon at the same time!
Cooking pancakes and bacon at the same time!

Pancakes on my griddle
Pancakes on my griddle

The Details

What I like:
-The griddle has plenty of space to cook multiple items at a time.
-The griddle comes with a guide indicating the temperature you should set the griddle for certain foods and whether you need to preheat the griddle or not.  I have followed the temperature guidelines closely and have always found everything cooked evenly and best of all, without burning!
-The griddle has an opening in the back which connects to a drip tray so you can easily remove excess grease.
-The DuraCeramic coating is fantastic at keeping things from sticking to it and it also makes for speedy cleanup–which is very important to me because I abhor doing dishes!

What I dislike:
-Although the griddle is a great size for cooking it does take up a lot of storage space.
-The griddle comes with a warming drawer that slides in beneath the griddle.  In theory it’s a good idea but I’ve had a hard time getting the drawer to slide back in once it’s been pulled all the way out for washing.  Additionally, the warming drawer is not very tall so it doesn’t fit a lot of pancakes at a time but does fit plenty of bacon.
-I have found the DuraCeramic coating to be very easy to clean but the unit itself cannot be submerged in water so you must be very careful when washing to only run water over it and keep the plug end away from the water!

The surface is very easy to clean and requires very little effort.
The surface is very easy to clean and requires very little effort.

The warming tray is not very deep so it can’t accommodate many pancakes or french toast at a time.

 What’s the Verdict?

I am so glad we chose to purchase the Oster DuraCeramic Electric Griddle because it truly fit our needs of needing a quicker way to make a lot of food at a time.  Though it has a few small imperfections for the price I think it’s a great deal and does what it’s intended to do admirably.  I would definitely buy this griddle again and will recommend it to friends and family.

Interested in getting one for yourself?  Amazon currently has the best price but it doesn’t include the same color as mine.

Target.com is having a sale currently and that’s where I purchased this exact item.

Save up to 20% on select Kitchen Appliances including Crock Pot and Stir Crazy. Valid 2/28-3/5

Sargent Art Colored Pencils

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Sargent Art 22-7251 Colored Pencils, Pack of 50, Assorted Colors





My set of Sargent Art pencils

I had so much fun testing out my Adult Coloring Book for my last post that I decided it was time to take things a step further.  Up to that point I had been coloring with a hodgepodge of colored pencils (Coloray, Crayola, Pentech) that I had accumulated over the past 10+ years.  These were pencils geared toward a younger crowd and though they produced some great colors, the leads were breaking a lot!  I figured if I was going to continue my new hobby of adult coloring, I needed to up my colored pencil game!

I spent an hour on Amazon reading product reviews and trying to decide the best colored pencil for the price.  I found this great pack and it was averaging four out of five stars on Amazon and the price was right, so I gave it a whirl.

The Basics

 Sargent Art Colored Pencils is a pack of 50 colored pencils in 48 different colors (there are extra black and white pencils).  The barrels are labeled with the color name and the colored lead coordinates with the pencil barrel color.
Cost: I bought these on two separate occasions at Amazon and the average price was $12.30.  If you’re really looking for a deal, Sargent Art has it listed on their site for $9.90 right now.

The Specifics

What I Like: I really like the way these pencils write.  They don’t have too much drag/scratchiness; they glide smoothly over the page.  They are really pretty easy to do shading with or layering colors and if you’re looking for a bold color you only have to press firmly.  The quality of the leads themselves is excellent as I have not yet experienced any breakage unlike the other pencils I was using.  The tips sharpen up nicely so they are really able to get into tiny details of the coloring book well and I don’t feel like they wear down easily either.  There is a really great selection of blues and neutral colors. Perhaps most impressive is the variety of the greens that the pack offers.


Swatch of colors I made

What I don’t Like: The barrel colors on these pencils don’t always match the lead color and in fact, barrel colors on the greens especially are almost identical.  Oftentimes the lead colors aren’t representative of what color appears on paper, either.  I found it necessary to make a color reference chart so that I could ascertain what each of the colors would look like before I put it on my official design.

There is a shocking lack of purple pencils to choose from.  (Ok, it’s only shocking if you’re as obsessed with purple as I am)  Really, there are basically two purple colors, and neither of them are dark enough for my liking.  Additionally, the gold didn’t turn out to be the gold color I was expecting but almost appeared more gray.

Would I buy this set of pencils again? In a heartbeat!  There are definitely some shortcomings in a few of the color choices but other colors offer a wide range of options.  The quality of the pencils themselves seems excellent so far.  I would just keep in mind as a buyer that this will not be your one and only choice for colored pencils.  You will probably need another set or two of different brands to enhance your offerings.

My pretty wolf

 Finally, I wanted to share with you my completed design that I was so intimidated by in my previous post.  I used only this set of Sargent Art Colored Pencils and was pretty pleased with the outcome–at least it turned out well for my art skill level!

Want a set of your own colored pencils?  Here’s where you can get them.

Adult Coloring Book:
Stress Relieving Animal Designs

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Coloring: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet?  I was first introduced to an adult coloring book about a year ago when I met a man who, due to illness, was no longer able to do his normal nine to five job.  His previous line of work required an engaged mind and his disability frustrated him.  He picked up the hobby of adult coloring and told me of how free his mind felt.  He was able to express his creativity–a thing he never knew existed before.  He also found that the drawing not only kept his mind focused yet free, but also distracted him from the pain of his illness.  I figured if coloring could do so much for him, then why not me too? So I decided to give coloring a try and the Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs was my first effort.

This was one of my favorite designs to color.

 The Basics

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs is one in a whole slew of “Stress Relieving” coloring books put out by the publisher Blue Star.  Other books in this series focus on Cats, Patterns, Peacocks, Kaleidoscope and even Dolphins.
Cost: I bought mine on Amazon Prime (I love Prime!) for around $9 but I’ve seen it as cheap as $7.79 and as much as $14.26 at other stores.
Content: The book has over 40 designs at varying levels of difficulty.  There are several horse and bird pictures as well as many other animals found in the wild.  There are not many pictures of household pets.

The Details

There were lots of tiny spaces to color but I was still able to use my pencils for this one.

The beginning of the book instructs you to “Turn off your phone, tablet, computer, whatever.”  I loved that the book came with instructions on how to relax!  I did what I was told and blocked out all media and whipped out my colored pencils.  I used colored pencils which I bought 10-15 years ago and though they’re just normal Crayola intended for kids, I felt this was sufficient for my first go at coloring.  I really enjoy the variety of animals in the book: horses, owls, fish, bears, you name it!  It even has the picture of the lion on the cover of the book.  There are about ten designs which I consider easy, maybe about a dozen medium level and the rest I consider extremely difficult.  My colored pencils were great for all of the easy designs I chose (believe me, I didn’t tackle anything hard!) and I was even able to do a little bit of shading.  I feel like once you get into the more medium to difficult designs you’re either going to need a very high quality sharp-tipped pencil or you may even need to use pens.  The more difficult designs have such tiny details that you really are going to need to have good materials to work with as well as a steady hand.

This is what I consider one of the more difficult designs. I think it would look really cool if someone who knows what they’re doing colors it!

What’s the Verdict?

I’m really glad that I have started on my adult coloring journey–I really do think that it helps me relax after a hard day because I have something to focus on other than stress.  It’s also really fun to express my creativity which isn’t something I get to do much in my adult life.

I think Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs has a really great collection of designs so there’s bound to be loads of things that you will want to color.  The main problem I have with the book is that some of the designs (ones that are similar in pattern to the cover of the book) require a lot of imagination and planning.  You may have to put a lot of thought into it–which I don’t particularly want to do.  I’m more of a paint by numbers kind of girl.  It would be nice if they would give you some direction on color ideas.  My other problem is the detail in some of the designs is very minute and could be frustrating for a beginner.

Would I recommend this book to others?  Absolutely.  I think there are enough simple designs for beginners and once your skills develop you can move up to some of the medium and even harder designs.  It’s definitely a book that you can use for a while!  If you are already an expert adult colorer, this is a good book for you, too!  There are tons of difficult designs that will keep you occupied for days!  All in all I’m really enjoying this book and look forward to buying some of the other “Stress Relieving” coloring books and continuing to relax while coloring.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Interested in buying one of your own?  Get it here!