Forever Your Furbaby


Kroger’s MyMagazine Sharing Network has once again sent me free goodies for my dogs to try.  This time around I got a box of Milk Bones, a package of Nudges Jerky Cuts, and another container of Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food.  I won’t review the Nature’s Recipe here as I have already reviewed it in a previous post.

Milk Bone Dog Biscuits

I think everyone is aware of Milk Bone and their classic dog biscuits.  They’re that hard dog treat shaped like a bone.  I received a 24 ounce package of Medium size Milk Bones (Find them at Kroger for $3.29) which is a really nice amount of treats.  My dogs never turn up their noses as these!  What I like about them is they are a quick treat to grab and toss to the dogs.  As I have three dogs I could go through a box of these pretty quickly.  Fortunately these Milk Bones are very easy to break in half which I frequently do.  This is a product I will continue to buy as my “go-to” treat for the dogs.

Nudges Jerky Cuts

I received a 10 ounce package of these Nudges Jerky Cuts (buy them at Kroger for $8.79) in chicken flavor.  These treats are just what they sound like–jerky.  Now, they aren’t just plain ol’ meat.  They are mixed with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health.  This is especially important as my dog Jasper (pictured above) is getting pretty old and he’s getting a little slower.  Nudges also boasts that they are “all natural” and made in the USA.  I like to support US companies where I can.  These Jerky Cuts are about six inches in length and very easy to tear apart so that I can feed them to all three dogs.  Or if I am feeling particularly generous I will give each dog an entire Jerky Cut of their own.  I do wish that they took longer for the dogs to eat, they gobble them up just like any other treat.  At $8.79 a box, that’s a lot to pay for something the dogs can eat so swiftly.  I will likely continue buying these for the dogs but only give them to them as a special treat.


Fuel Your Passion

IMG_2011 IMG_2010My husband and I recently decided it was time to think about buying a new house.  Well, the process happened a little a lot faster than be anticipated!  We had found the perfect house and had an accepted offer within a week of looking at houses.  So, we had to bust ass to get our current house ready to be listed which required a lot of repair jobs and a WHOLE LOT of decluttering.  This is where these pictures come in.

Kroger’s MyMagazine Sharing Network  challenged me to “Fuel My Passion” with savings at the Kroger pump.

My husband and I spent a lot of time in the car traveling back and forth to my parents house where we are storing heaps of clothes, knick-knacks, and furniture in order to make our house presentable to be sold.  We must have had 10 carloads worth of junk to take to their house or to take things we didn’t want to Goodwill.

Let me just say: it looks like we spent a ton of money at the pump.  And yes, almost $50 for a full tank of gas IS a ton of money.  But consider this; a gas station less than a mile away was charging 20 more cents a gallon than Kroger was.  Not only that, whenever you use your Kroger Plus card at the pump you receive additional savings on your gas.  On this particular trip I only received 3 cents off a gallon but in fill-ups in the past I have received up to $1 off a gallon.

I highly recommend using Kroger Fueling Stations if you dislike overpaying for gas.

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