What is Le Tote and How Does it Work?

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Discolsure: I pay for this subscription myself and all opinions are my own.   

By now many of you have likely heard of subscription services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.  I was interested in doing a subscription clothing service but I don’t like paying a whole lot of money to buy clothes so I was hesitant.  Then I heard about this service called LE TOTE which is a monthly clothing rental service.  So you get the benefit of having a constantly revolving wardrobe without making any major purchasesSCORE!

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The cost per month is $59 (or if you choose the maternity option it’s $69/month) which includes two day shipping both ways.  In each tote you will receive three clothing items and two accessories.  Wear the clothes and accessories as much as you like and when you’re finished don’t even bother washing it–just shove it in the prepaid mailer and put it in your mailbox.  Once Le Tote has received your old box of clothes they’ll send you out a new one immediately.  You can receive and return boxes as many times you want in a month (time allowing) and it’s all included in that same $59 fee.

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Getting signed up is easy.  First you will take a survey that will give Le Tote’s stylists a feel for your basic style and clothing sizes.  The survey will also ask things like what colors, prints, jewelry types and clothing types never to send you.  For example; my wrists are tiny so I asked to never receive bracelets.  Never fear–if your tastes and size change over time, you’re always able to update your style profile.  After you’re signed up you can also browse all of Le Tote’s clothing and “heart” items that you want to add to your closet.  The stylists will oftentimes pull clothes from your closet or choose similar items.

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Once you receive your tote and try everything on you can get online and rate how well you liked the items and if they fit or not.  You can even attach pictures of how you look in your clothes and this will further give the stylists an idea of what to include (or not to include) in your next totes.

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You’re probably wondering if you have any control over what they send you with each tote, and the answer is YES.  Before they send you out a new tote you are able to preview what they’re sending you and swap anything out that you don’t want.  This feature comes in really handy especially between seasons when it’s likely hard for the stylists to decide whether to send you warm weather or cold weather clothing.  But…it does take some of the fun out of getting a surprise tote!

So say you find something in your tote you can’t bear to part with–you buy it.  Le Tote offers their members a discounted price on the clothes in the tote and if you end up buying all five items in your tote, you get a month for free!  To purchase the item, simply don’t return it with the rest of your tote and your card will be charged.

What’s nice about Le Tote is that you’re able to put your subscription on hold for a week or even a month at a time without being charged.  You’re also able to cancel at any time without being charged a fee, but you’ll have to make a phone call to cancel.

Has anyone else tried Le Tote or any other clothing subscription service?  I’ve got two free totes to give away so if you’re interested, reply below!

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