Sargent Art Colored Pencils

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Sargent Art 22-7251 Colored Pencils, Pack of 50, Assorted Colors





My set of Sargent Art pencils

I had so much fun testing out my Adult Coloring Book for my last post that I decided it was time to take things a step further.  Up to that point I had been coloring with a hodgepodge of colored pencils (Coloray, Crayola, Pentech) that I had accumulated over the past 10+ years.  These were pencils geared toward a younger crowd and though they produced some great colors, the leads were breaking a lot!  I figured if I was going to continue my new hobby of adult coloring, I needed to up my colored pencil game!

I spent an hour on Amazon reading product reviews and trying to decide the best colored pencil for the price.  I found this great pack and it was averaging four out of five stars on Amazon and the price was right, so I gave it a whirl.

The Basics

 Sargent Art Colored Pencils is a pack of 50 colored pencils in 48 different colors (there are extra black and white pencils).  The barrels are labeled with the color name and the colored lead coordinates with the pencil barrel color.
Cost: I bought these on two separate occasions at Amazon and the average price was $12.30.  If you’re really looking for a deal, Sargent Art has it listed on their site for $9.90 right now.

The Specifics

What I Like: I really like the way these pencils write.  They don’t have too much drag/scratchiness; they glide smoothly over the page.  They are really pretty easy to do shading with or layering colors and if you’re looking for a bold color you only have to press firmly.  The quality of the leads themselves is excellent as I have not yet experienced any breakage unlike the other pencils I was using.  The tips sharpen up nicely so they are really able to get into tiny details of the coloring book well and I don’t feel like they wear down easily either.  There is a really great selection of blues and neutral colors. Perhaps most impressive is the variety of the greens that the pack offers.


Swatch of colors I made

What I don’t Like: The barrel colors on these pencils don’t always match the lead color and in fact, barrel colors on the greens especially are almost identical.  Oftentimes the lead colors aren’t representative of what color appears on paper, either.  I found it necessary to make a color reference chart so that I could ascertain what each of the colors would look like before I put it on my official design.

There is a shocking lack of purple pencils to choose from.  (Ok, it’s only shocking if you’re as obsessed with purple as I am)  Really, there are basically two purple colors, and neither of them are dark enough for my liking.  Additionally, the gold didn’t turn out to be the gold color I was expecting but almost appeared more gray.

Would I buy this set of pencils again? In a heartbeat!  There are definitely some shortcomings in a few of the color choices but other colors offer a wide range of options.  The quality of the pencils themselves seems excellent so far.  I would just keep in mind as a buyer that this will not be your one and only choice for colored pencils.  You will probably need another set or two of different brands to enhance your offerings.

My pretty wolf

 Finally, I wanted to share with you my completed design that I was so intimidated by in my previous post.  I used only this set of Sargent Art Colored Pencils and was pretty pleased with the outcome–at least it turned out well for my art skill level!

Want a set of your own colored pencils?  Here’s where you can get them.